Six sisters. Six acres. One hell of a mission.

Sam / Jenson / Kat / Katy / Cassie / Christy

SisterLand Farms is a place where food grows. Sure. But it’s also bigger than that.

On our 6 acre property in Clallam County, WA, we’re cultivating a space that embodies our vision of a better world; a space for the marriage of agriculture and restoration ecology; a space for minorities to train in an industry burdened by homogeneity; a space for our community to come and find peace.

Not a peace that silences, shames, or undermines. But the peace that comes from doing what you believe is right. Our farm will be a sanctuary for the radicals among us; the ones who strive endlessly to challenge, critique, and build bravely–in Port Angeles and beyond.

SisterLand is the brainchild of a family of chosen sisters–each bringing their own experiences, frustrations, and talents to the communal table. What can you expect to be grown by a banker, a paramedic, a writer, a dancer, a manager, and a student? Food. Sure. But also something bigger.