Six sisters. Six acres. One hell of a mission.

Sam / Jenson / Kat / Katy / Cassie / Christy

SisterLand Farms is a place where food grows. Sure. But it’s also bigger than that.

On our 6 acre property in Clallam County, WA, we’re cultivating a space that embodies our vision of a better world; a space for the marriage of agriculture and restoration ecology; a space for minorities to train in an industry burdened by homogeneity; a space for our community to come and find peace.

Not a peace that silences, shames, or undermines. But the peace that comes from doing what you believe is right. Our farm will be a sanctuary for the radicals among us; the ones who strive endlessly to challenge, critique, and build bravely–in Port Angeles and beyond.

SisterLand is the brainchild of a family of sisters–each bringing their own experiences, frustrations, and talents to the communal table. What can you expect to be grown by a paramedic, a writer, an industry apprentice, a dancer, a defender of immigrant rights, and a loving mother? Food. Sure. But also something bigger.



About our CSA

Our farm uses the Community Supported Agriculture model of growth, or “CSA.”

This means that our customers are actually subscribers; paying a flat fee for about 25 weeks of equally divided harvests. What does a week’s worth of harvested farm goods look like? Good question!

The organically-grown fruits and vegetables we grow and harvest will vary with climate, resources, changing ecological populations, and quality control assessments. For the most part, a week of food includes leafy salad-type greens, root vegetables, fruit and/or fruiting vegetables, and herbs. But there’s even more to look forward to!

At SisterLand, each week also includes a freshly picked floral bouquet. What’s more: We strive to include at least one foraged native food in your share each week–recipe card and cooking tips included!

CSA membership is $600/year, meaning you spend around $25/week for a sack full of just-picked, locally-grown, lovingly nurtured food and flowers. We deliver every Saturday at the Port Angeles Farmers’ Market between 10am and 2pm, but also deliver to homes within the Port Angeles/Sequim area for $5 per delivery.

Ready to subscribe?