International Women’s Day

SisterLand Farms has always been–and will always be–a place for the enrichment, empowerment, and sanctuary of sisters. It’s written right there, in the name.

To that end, we’d like to wish every sister (especially our trans sisters, sisters of color, closeted sisters, and struggling sisters) a truly fulfilling year. We want to help give you everything this life has to offer; from good food, to autonomy, to a support system as you run for local office, leave an abusive relationship, start your new business, or stand up boldly for the person you are. Your victories may be small or mighty, but SisterLand Farms is here to celebrate them–and you.

We asked ourselves what sort of action we could take to lift up our local sisterhood this year, and we settled on this: Promoting a few woman-owned businesses we know and love. If you’re on the Olympic Peninsula, please check these bad-ass sisters out. If you’re too far out of reach, please consider adding your own regional favorites to our list! Comment on our social media posts, email us, or write up your own sister shout-out. Let us know you’re following suit, and it’ll absolutely make our year.

And to answer the question: But how can we help SisterLand?

We have a temporary solution! While we stand with striking Amazon workers, and are making moves away from this distributor in the coming months, we’ve curated a short Amazon Wish List full of items we need this Spring. If you’d like to support our work with tangible (Very tangible. We’re talking actual dirt and hardware.) gifts, today is your lucky day! There’s a link for that!

SisterLand’s Amazon Wish List can be accessed here.

Now, without further ado: A list of our favorite locally-owned, woman-run businesses. We truly hope you can find a way to support a sister today and everyday!

So much sisterly love from all of us,

The Sisters at SisterLand Farm

  • Turnip The Beat: Sandwiches and Wraps made from locally-sourced ingredients in Port Angeles, WA. We eat here… often.
  • New Day Eatery: A Port Angeles lunch and breakfast spot with vegan and gluten-free menu options.
  • Jasmine Bistro: Thai fusion food at a popular date-spot by the Port Angeles waterfront.
  • H2O Waterfront Bistro: Seafood pub just a skip away from Port Angeles’s downtown and waterfront walks.
  • La Belle Crêperie: French-inspired treats behind a (Très mignon!) storefront in downtown Port Angeles.
  • Shirley’s Café: The dineriest of diners on the Olympic Peninsula! Come for quirky seating, pots of black coffee, and something gloriously fried.
  • Patricia’s Pet Shop: A family favorite! Quality pet care supplies and super-friendly service.
  • Moss: Treat yourself to the most stylish (and most PNW) clothing in Port Angeles!
  • Harbinger Winery: A very popular destination on the peninsula–and not just for the scrumptious booze.
  • Wild Spirit Herbals: This is where the SisterLand Farms sisters do their holiday shopping. Just sayin’.
  • Goodness Tea: The owner of this tea shop is one of our favorite people. And her tea is certified by a unanimous panel of local experts.
  • The Calfinated Cow: And don’t forget regional, grass-fed, good-for-the-earth groceries from a beautiful farm!
  • Shear Elegance: A woman-owned salon for hair and nails and all around good vibes.
  • AVAILfit: Want to work out without The Male Gaze? We’ve got you, sister!
  • Sacred Roots: But what about getting stretched out, zenned out, and turned into post-massage happiness putty? Look no further!

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